Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Death by Dissertation

As the title suggests, I have been somewhat absent from, well, life recently, due to that dreaded thing called my dissertation. Because of this, I have the most horrible feeling that this blog is going to go the same way as my last one. I told myself I'd really work at this one and make something of it, but I feel that so far I've only let the poor little blog down! I blame this entirely on being a mere 2 and a half months away from finishing university (holysh*ttakedeepbreathsetc) and just over a month away from handing in the final version of my dissertation. Dissertation. Now, that's a word I definitely won't want to hear again come the 23rd of March. 

I am normally one to leave my work until last minute and not panic too much, but I really want to do well in my dissertation and I can't bear to leave it too late. I'm lucky that my dissertation tutor is my favourite lecturer who has an amazing wealth of knowledge on my dissertation topic, and so she's made me want to be a bit more organised when it comes to writing it. At our first meeting she told me that I should be aiming for a first and I almost went 'LOL' in her face, but now I'm feeling the pressure but unfortunately not the motivation. I am a complete procrastinator. The internet doesn't help greatly, particularly my love of beauty and fashion blogs, so I've been trying to stay away from anything blog-related recently, hence the lack of love I've given to my own blog.

I did say in my first post that this probably wasn't the most ideal time to start up another blog, but I did, and so I'm going to stick with it. You might have to bear with me a while, though...


  1. What is your dissertation topic?

    I'm doing my Masters and find it hard to write and study!

    1. It's on feminism/anti-feminism within horror films...sounded interesting at first but the more I do it the more I hate it!

      Good luck with yours! :)